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EWR06ED - Walk-In Oven 

LEWCO Enhanced Duty Batch Ovens offer all of the same construction features as the normal duty ovens; however the performance is “enhanced” by adding additional heat capacity and larger circulation fans. Additionally, all enhanced duty walk-in ovens guarantee a temperature uniformity of +/- 10°F. The EWR series features a rear mounted heater box, which is ideal for installations with height restrictions. Each unit comes complete with a one year warranty and is fully assembled, wired, and tested prior to shipment. All LEWCO ovens are manufactured to meet the requirements of NFPA 86, the national standard for ovens and furnaces. 

  • Cost-Effective
  • Dependable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quality Built
  • Safe Operation
ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company

Operating Temperature 

200°F (93°C) to 650°F (343°C)


Heating Medium

Electric, low watt density Incoloy® heaters provide years of trouble free service.  Standard heater bank assemblies are installed in high velocity ductwork to maximize heat transfer.


Airflow PatternDual Airflow Diagram Product Page

Dual (Combination) Airflow: Hot air is supplied from both of the side walls and returned through a top plenum.


Input Voltage

Standard: 480/3/60. Please consult factory for additional options.


Control System

LEWCO’s standard control package includes a single set-point process temperature controller and redundant high-limit controller. Circulation fan(s) and exhaust fan(s) include air proving circuits that are electrically interlocked with the heating circuit. All controls are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure employing a full voltage lockable disconnect switch. Controls are wired to NFPA 70 and 79 electrical standards. Other third party certifications available.

     Optional:NS Controls For Product Page

Door Switch

Disables heat when door is opened on electrically heated ovens; holds burner at low fire on fuel-fired ovens.

Batch Timer

Infinitely adjustable up to 100 hrs., includes illuminated On/ Off switch to indicate timed operation and audible alarm when time has elapsed.

Ramp/ Soak Controller

Programmable ramp/ soak temperature controller with capability to store different recipes with multiple segments.

Chart Recorder

Single pen circular paper chart recorder for continuous monitoring of temperature data. Comes with (1) Type “J” thermocouple input.

Zero Speed Switch for Fans

Minimizes nuisance tripping associated with standard air flow switch(es).


Programmable Logic Controller for processes with numerous inputs and outputs; or requiring automation of material handling equipment. The PLC can also allow for Ethernet connectivity for remote system monitoring.

Touchscreen HMI

Human Machine Interface provides the operator easy access and control of different parts of the equipment. Allows real time monitoring and provides feedback of the process in a visual, easy to read format. 

Composite Curing Controls

Data Logger: Multiple input digital data logger continuously records temperature and other process data. Allows downloading of digital data files through USB or Ethernet connection. Data can also be viewed on a full color display or on a web server when connected to a network.

Thermocouple Jacks: Thermocouple jack panel for high-temperature Type “J” thermocouples, located inside the oven. Includes wiring to data logger if purchased.

Vacuum Ports: ½” NPT thru-wall vacuum ports, each with vacuum rated manual ball valve and indicating gauge. All ports are connected to a 1” NPT header.

Vacuum Pump: Includes motor starter circuit and connection to vacuum header pipe.

Model (NFPA Class B)Overall DimensionsDoor Swing RadiusWorkspace DimensionsHeater Bank
Circulating Fan
Air Changes per MinuteExhaust Fan Capacity (CFM)Exhaust Motor (HP)Solvents per Batch
Ships Fully Assembled
EWR06ED-48-48-60 841077324"48486045 2,000 1 1/225.00N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-48-48-72 831068424"48487254 2,500 226.04N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-48-48-96 8511010824"48489663 3,500 327.34N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-48-72-72 851408424"48727263 4,000 327.78N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-48-72-96 8914410824"48729672 5,000 326.04N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-48-96-72891688424"48967272 5,000 326.04N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-48-96-969317410824"48969681 7,000 527.34N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-60-60-60 971227230"60606054 3,500 328.00N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-60-60-72971288430"60607263 4,000 326.67N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-60-60-9610113210830"60609672 5,000 325.00N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-60-72-72991448430"60727263 4,500 325.00N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-60-72-9610315010830"60729681 6,000 325.00N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-60-96-9610917410830"60969690 8,000 525.00N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-72-72-72 1131508436"72727272 5,500 325.46N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-72-72-9612115010836"72729681 8,000 527.78N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-72-96-9612518110836"72969699 10,000 7 1/226.04N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-72-120-9612921010836"7212096108 12,000 7 1/225.00N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-84-84-841371629642"84848490 9,000 7 1/226.24N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-84-96-841371819642"84968499 10,000 7 1/225.51N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-84-120-841472109642"8412084108 14,000 1028.57N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-84-120-9614721010842"8412096117 14,000 1025.00N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-96-96-9615918610848"969696117 14,000 1027.34N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-96-120-9616121910848"9612096144 16,000 1025.00N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-96-144-9616924810848"9614496162 20,000 1526.04N/AN/A0Yes
EWR06ED-96-168-9617324210848"9616896180 24,000 1526.79N/AN/A0Yes
19322410860"12012096162 20,000 1525.00N/AN/A0Yes
20319413260"120120120180 26,000 1526.00N/AN/A0Yes
19721810860"12014496180 24,000 1525.00N/AN/A0Yes
20722413260"120144120207 30,000 2025.00N/AN/A0Yes
20324810860"12016896198 28,000 1525.00N/AN/A0Yes
#N/A#N/A13260"120168120225 40,000 2028.57N/AN/A0Yes
Model (NFPA Class A)Overall DimensionsDoor Swing RadiusWorkspace DimensionsHeater Bank
Circulating Fan
Air Changes per MinuteExhaust Fan Capacity (CFM)Exhaust Motor (HP)Solvents per Batch
Ships Fully Assembled
8410712424"48486054 2,000 1 1/225.00621/40.04Yes
8310613524"48487263 2,500 226.04621/40.04Yes
8511015924"48489672 3,500 327.34621/40.04No
8514013524"48727272 4,000 327.78621/40.04Yes
8914415924"48729681 5,000 326.04621/40.04No
EWR06ED-48-96-728916813524"48967281 5,000 326.04621/40.04Yes
EWR06ED-48-96-969317415924"48969690 7,000 527.34621/40.04No
9712212330"60606063 3,500 328.00621/40.04Yes
EWR06ED-60-60-729712813530"60607272 4,000 326.67621/40.04Yes
EWR06ED-60-60-9610113215930"60609681 5,000 325.00621/40.04No
EWR06ED-60-72-729914413530"60727272 4,500 325.00621/40.04Yes
EWR06ED-60-72-9610315015930"60729690 6,000 325.00621/40.04No
EWR06ED-60-96-9610917415930"609696117 8,000 525.001001/40.07No
11315013536"72727262 5,500 325.46621/40.04Yes
EWR06ED-72-72-9612115015936"72729690 8,000 527.78621/40.04No
EWR06ED-72-96-9612518115936"729696117 10,000 7 1/226.041001/40.07No
12921015936"7212096153 12,000 7 1/225.001001/40.07No
EWR06ED-84-84-8413716214742"848484117 9,000 7 1/226.241001/40.07No
EWR06ED-84-96-8413718114742"849684117 10,000 7 1/225.511001/40.07No
14721014742"8412084180 140,000 1028.572501/40.18No
14721015942"8412096180 14,000 1025.002501/40.18No
EWR06ED-96-96-9615918615948"969696180 14,000 1027.342501/40.18No
16121915948"9612096189 16,000 1025.002501/40.18No
16924815948"9614496207 20,000 1526.042501/40.18No
17324215948"9616896225 24,000 1526.792501/40.18No
19322415960"12012096207 20,000 1525.002501/40.18No
20319418360"120120120234 26,000 1526.002501/40.18No
19721815960"12014496225 24,000 1525.002501/40.18No
20722418360"120144120261 30,000 2025.002501/40.18No
20324815960"12016896261 28,000 1525.002501/40.18No


Note: Sizes are approximate. LEWCO, Inc. reserves the right to change specifications without notice. 

Standard oven construction includes a 16 gauge aluminized steel interior with a 18 gauge cold rolled steel exterior. Heat loss is minimized by a unique wall design featuring a welded inner shell and a completely isolated outer frame and covers.



Heavy-duty doors on an isolated door frame minimize heat loss. Wire core gaskets create a tight seal for efficient heating. Standard doors are bi-parting swing at one end and include explosion venting latches.Door N Floor 3

     Standard Options:

  • Vertical lift guillotine door 
  • Door windows



Standard ovens operating at or above 650°F include an insulated base (100 p.s.f. max)

     Standard Options:

  • Insulated with (1) pair inverted angle track
  • Insulated with (1) pair 6” wide wheel guides

LEWCO industrial ovens are designed and manufactured to industry standards. Our engineers regularly work to keep updated with the latest revisions in industry codes. If there is a specific industry standard or code compliance that you require for your process heating application, please contact one of our highly knowledgeable applications engineers to learn how LEWCO can help!


About NFPA 86

The National Fire Protection Association’s standard, NFPA 86, documents the guidelines for the safe operation of industrial ovens and furnaces. All LEWCO ovens are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of this standard. Oven and furnaces in which flammable volatiles or combustible materials are present in the work space are classified by NFPA 86 as “Class A.” Similarly, ovens and furnaces in which no flammable volatiles or combustible materials are present are classified as “Class B.” Due to the risk of fire or explosion, NFPA 86 requires specific safety equipment for all Class A ovens and furnaces. Fuel gas-fired ovens and furnaces also require safety equipment.

  • Powered exhaust of capacity determined by maxium solvent loading.
  • Explosion relief of adequate area determined by oven or furnace workspace volume.


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