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300°F (150°C) Electric Tote Ovens

  • High-Performance Models
  • LEWCO High-Performance Tote/ IBC Tank Ovens provide 25% faster heat-up times and, by design, are safer than traditional “hot box” models.  These models employ a high-velocity fan, which pulls air from the oven workspace, circulates it over the heating medium, and then delivers it at a highly convective rate back to the oven workspace. As standard, High-Performance Tote Ovens are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of NFPA 86 Class B ovens. These models are suitable for indoor use only.  

  • Traditional Models
  • LEWCO Traditional Tote/ IBC Tank Heaters are the most common and economically priced solution for elevated temperature storage and heating. This is the same “Hot Box” design that has served the industry for nearly 30 years. Most of these models are suitable for outdoor use.