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Custom Oven for Drying and Curing Geomet Coated Parts

- Friday, August 17, 2012
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The application for this equipment required multiple ovens for the drying and curing of *GEOMET® coated parts. One oven will be used for drying and three other ovens will be used for curing. The first oven heats up to 250°F and is used to dry-off parts after they are rinsed in a cleaning process which preps them for the GEOMET® coating. After the parts are dried off they proceed to a robotic spray booth which applies the GEOMET® coating. The parts then proceed to a pre-cure oven to bake at a temperature of 350°F. After pre-cure, the parts move directly into a 690°F cure oven. When the curing is complete, the parts move through another robotic spray booth for a top coating of paint. The final oven cures the top coat of paint at 450°F. All ovens are direct fired, natural gas burners featuring dual airflow.

 *GEOMET® is a proprietary water-based coating dispersion containing metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminum flakes. The zinc and aluminum platelets align in multiple layers forming a metallic silver-gray coating. Applied as a liquid, the coating becomes totally inorganic after curing at 575-600° F (300-315°C).

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