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General Industrial 




Many manufacturers require finishing as part of their manufacturing process. Finishing processes extend the life of products by protecting them from wear and corrosion. Common finishing processes include powder and paint curing.  Clean filtered recirculated air and excellent temperature uniformity of LEWCO walk-in and conveyor ovens provide higher production rates and less rejects for our customer.   


Chemical/ Petrochemical 

The chemical industry is comprised of companies that convert raw materials such as oil, natural gas, minerals and metals into more than 70,000 different products. This industry plays an enormous role in our daily lives. Products such as gasoline, cosmetics, fertilizers, detergents, and plastics derive from here. LEWCO drum and tote heaters are often use for melting, viscosity reduction, and elevated temperature storage within this industry.



The pharmaceutical industry uses process heating equipment to research, develop, and produce pharmaceutical products used in medication. Raw materials for many of the medications are typically stored in drums or totes. To extract the raw materials they need to be heated in drum & tote heaters and maintained at the optimum temperature. Drying ovens along with other heat processing equipment is used while packaging the medications.


Electric Motors & Components 

Electrical components such as motors and transformers require baking to dry enamel.  Many maintenance shops across the country rebuild electric motors using industrial ovens.  LEWCO manufactures a wide range of walk-in ovens for this process. 

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