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End User: A company that uses material handling equipment to aid in the manufacture of their product line.

Distributor: A company that typically sells allied material handling products including rack, mezzanies, cranes, hoists, scissor lifts, manipulators, etc.

System Integrator: A company that identifies purchases and manages the integration of various component parts and services to provide an automated solution to end user customers.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Companies that manufacture equipment as the primary business focus and incorporates material handling component parts in the design of their product.

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LEWCO designes and manufactures a variety of standard and custom industrial ovens for a number of markets, including TransportationMaterials, and General Industrial. Our reputation in many of the industries within these markets has created a long list of loyal, repeat customers.LEWCO Industrial Ovens are times tested and proven energy efficient, durable, and reliable. 


Become an industry pro! View LEWCO's Process Heating 101 page for a complete list of common industry terms, applications, and types of heat transfer. 


Some common applications for LEWCO industrial ovens are: 

             •  Aging                Annealing              Baking                Composite Curing            Drying                  Epoxy Curing              Finishing  

             •  Heat-Treat       Hardening              Normalizing     Post Cure                             Preheating          Resin Curing                Stress Relieving                 Urethane Curing     •  Honeycomb Curing 


  • Composite Curing

    LEWCO “Enhanced Duty” Batch Ovens were developed to meet the strict requirements of the advanced materials market, including the aerospace industry.  LEWCO offers a number of standard  sizes  with control systems tailored for Vacuum Bagged Composite Curing.  Options include vacuum ports, variable vacuum control, part thermocouple jacks, vacuum transducers and several data logging options.  Temperature controls include ramp/soak programming and multiple recipe creation and storage.  LEWCO industrial ovens are also used in composite manufacturing to Cure Edge Sealants.

  • Heat Treating

    Heat treating is a general term that refers to many different processes used in manufacturing of metals, plastics, and other materials.  These processes involve heating, and sometimes cooling, at different rates and durations in order to alter the physical or molecular properties of the material.  Depending on application, temperature control and uniformity may be critical. 

    LEWCO batch ovens and conveyor ovens serve many heat treating processes.  In addition to a large standard model offering, we excel at custom oven solutions, particularly those with challenging material handling requirements.  Our Applications Engineers work closely with customers from project inception to define both risks and requirements.  The LEWCO process develops industrial oven solutions that minimize risk and save cost.    

    Examples of LEWCO industrial ovens in heat treating applications include:

    A continuous conveyor oven for Annealing taillight assemblies

    A conveyor oven for Stress Relieving torsion springs

    A custom compression conveyor oven for Curing a foam binder used in the manufacture of mattress .

  • Paint and Powder Finishing

    Paint is the most common finishing process.  Most industrial and commercial paint applications, including automotive, require baking of the wet paint.  An elevated oven temperature promotes evaporation or drying of the paint’s solvent, or water “carrier” thereby depositing solidson the work.  The result is a hard, durable finish.  LEWCO Paint Baking ovens are used extensively in many industries.    

    Unlike paint, powder coating is a dry finishing process that is based on polymer resin systems that require heat to cause a chemical reaction.  The reaction causes a cross linked molecular structure that results in a hard, durable finish. 

    LEWCO offers a wide range of  standard batch ovens and continuous process ovens for the many high-end paint and powder curing applications.  Our ovens deliver an evenly distributed, uniform heat to the products’ surfaces unlike other low-end oven systems. Depending on the application needs, the product can be loaded via cart or fork truck into a batch oven, or conveyed via overhead conveyor or multiple other conveyor system options.   

  • Other Applications

     Epoxy, Resin and Cast Urethane Curing:

    Curing Phenolic Resins in a custom batch oven used in the aerospace industry.


    Drying Kerosene-like Material from Tungsten Sludge contained in 55 gallon drum for one of the largest specialty metals companies.


    Pre-heating large motor components via a custom batch oven and load car.