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Batch Oven BannerBatch Ovens

LEWCO, Inc., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, manufactures a complete line of Industrial Batch Ovens.  Over (200) standard models are available in work-space volumes from 8 to 2,400 cubic feet.  Each oven is completely assembled and factory tested prior to shipment and many sizes ship fully assembled.  Those too large to ship assembled are flanged for easy field assembly.


LEWCO batch ovens are used in a variety of manufacturing processes that are listed below.

LEWCO offers batch ovens in both walk-in and cabinet oven configurations. Both are available in temperature ranges of 350° F, 500° F, 650° F, 800° F, 1000° F and 1200° F. Walk-In Ovens are best suited for processing large parts or materials on carts or racks, and are available with either dual or horizontal air flow. The Cabinet Oven, a smaller fully assembled batch oven, is best suited for processing small parts, commonly placed on shelves and uses horizontal air flow as standard.



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LEWCO Standard Duty Batch Ovens offer high quality at economical prices. Walk-In batch ovens are available with electric or direct fired natural gas heat. Heavy-duty construction and industry standard components yield durable and reliable equipment. Standard controls include a single point process temperature controller and a redundant high limit controller. All control panels are NEMA 12 (IP52) and include a full voltage lockable disconnect switch.

  • Standard Duty Walk-In Ovens (SWT Series)

    LEWCO SWT Series ovens feature top mounted heater boxes that can be ordered with dual or horizontal airflow. The top mounted heaters allow smaller foot prints for the ovens and also permit pass through processing.

    Available models are:  SWT03ED,  SWT03EHSWT03FD,  SWT03FH,  SWT05ED,

  • Standard Duty Walk-In Ovens (SWR Series)

    LEWCO SWR Series ovens feature rear mounted heater boxes and are ideal for installations with height restrictions. The design allows components to be serviced/maintained from ground level. Either dual or horizontal airflow are available.

    Available models are:  SWR03ED,  SWR03EH,  SWR03FD,  SWR03FH,  SWR05ED,
    SWR05EH,  SWR05FD,  SWR05FH,  SWR06ED,  SWR06EH,  SWR06FD,  SWR06FH

  • Standard Duty Cabinet Ovens (SCB Series)

    LEWCO SCB Series cabinet oven’s heaters and circulation fans are located on the bottom, directly under the workspace, allowing for easy loading and unloading of the oven. The workspace floor is approximately 30” elevation on most models.

  • LEWCO Enhanced Duty Walk-In Ovens include all of the same construction features as standard duty batch oven models, however the performance is enhanced by adding additional heat capacity and larger circulation fans. Enhanced duty walk-in ovens guarantee a temperature uniformity of +/- 10 °F up to the maximum operating temperature. Standard models are available for 350 °F, 500 °F and 650 °F operation. Enhanced duty ovens can be configured with electric or direct fired natural gas heat. A certified temperature uniformity survey is completed on every enhanced duty oven prior to shipment.

  • Enhanced Duty Walk-In Ovens (EWT Series)

    The EWT series feature top mounted heater boxes and are available with dual or horizontal airflow. EWT ovens are available with internal dimensions up to 8 ft. wide x 20 ft. deep x 8 ft. tall.

    Available models are:  EWT03ED,  EWT03EH,  EWT03FD,  EWT03FH,  EWT05ED,
    EWT05EH,  EWT05FD,  EWT05FH,  EWT06ED,  EWT06EH,  EWT06FD,  EWT06FH

  • Enhanced Duty Walk-In Ovens (EWR Series)

    The EWR series feature rear mounted heater boxes and can be configured with dual or horizontal airflow. EWR ovens are available with internal dimensions up to 8 ft wide x 10 ft deep x 8 ft tall.

    Available models are:  EWR03ED,  EWR03EH,  EWR03FD,  EWR03FH,  EWR05ED,
     EWR05EH,  EWR05FD,  EWR05FH,  EWR06ED,  EWR06EH,  EWR06FD,  EWR06FH,
     EWR08ED,  EWR08EH,  EWR08FD,  EWR08FH,  EWR10ED,  EWR10EH,  EWR10FD,
     EWR10FH,  EWR12ED,  EWR12EH,  EWR12FD,  EWR12FH