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Drum and Tote Heaters

LEWCO, Inc. is the world leader in the design and manufacture of 55-Gallon Drum Heating Cabinets, (also known as hot boxes), and Drum Heating Tunnels.  An ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, no other company has as broad a product offering or technical expertise of LEWCO.  LEWCO’s product line offers standard cost effective models for melting, viscosity reduction, elevated temperature storage and general industrial heating applications.  All models feature our signature all-welded steel, heavy-duty construction and simple, user-friendly controls.     


LEWCO Drum and Tote Heaters are available in electric, steam, hot water, or hot oil heat.


Electrically Heated Models employ low watt density resistance heaters, encased in seal-welded tubing.  Standard controls include an electronic process controller and redundant high-limit controller housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure with full voltage lockable disconnect. 


Caution:  Electrically heated models are not suitable for heating flammable or combustible materials.


Steam, Hot Water or Hot Oil Models employ finned pipe heat exchangers rated for service up to 200 psig.  Standard control options include a self-acting (non-electric) control system as well as the standard electronic control system similar to the above but with a modulating control valve and high limit solenoid valve.  

  • Low Profile Drum Heating Cabinets

    Low Profile Drum Heating Cabinets are built with a 12 ga steel plate floor that allows for loading and unloading with a pallet jack or drum dolly. These hot boxes are available in 1 to 8 drum capacities and are for indoor installations ONLY (due to their plate floor design.)

    Available electric models are: EC01L EC02L EC04L EC06L EC08L EC12L

    Available steam models are: SC01L SC02L SC04L SC06L SC08L SC12L

  • Standard Profile Drum Heating Cabinets

    Standard Profile Drum Heating Cabinets, intended for fork truck loading and unloading, are built with an insulated base for added efficiency and spill containment and a drain. Available in 1 to 16 drum capacities, these drum heaters are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

    Available electric models are: EC01S EC02S EC04S EC06S EC08S EC12S EC16S

    Available steam models are: SC01S SC02S SC04S SC06S SC08S SC12S SC16S

  • Vertical Profile Drum Heating Cabinets

    Vertical Profile Drum Heating Cabinets come with the same features as standard drum cabinets but allow for drums to be heated on a second level. This “vertical” design, which holds 8 to 32 drums, is the most cost effective solution when dealing with a crowded plant layout. The pallet’s weight is distributed through solid grating, structural steel shelves, and a rugged beam skid base. Vertical drum heaters are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and are equipped with lifting eyes for installation.

    Available electric models are: EC08V EC16V EC24V EC32V

    Available steam models are: SC08V SC16V SC24V SC32V

  • Standard Profile Tote Heating Cabinets

    Standard Profile Tote Heating Cabinets are designed specifically for warming of intermediate bulk containers (IBC). These cabinets have a taller workspace clearance (72 inches) compared to standard drum heating cabinets. Additional features include an insulated base, spill containment, a drain and a 1 to 4 tote capacity.

    Available electric models are: EC1TS EC2TS EC3TS EC4TS

    Available steam models are: SC1TS SC2TS SC3TS SC4TS

  • Vertical Profile Tote Heating Cabinets

    Vertical Profile Tote Heating Cabinets allows efficient use of plant floor space with the 2-layer design. The vertical tote cabinets have an increased workspace height (60 inches) from the drum cabinets, allowing a capacity of 2 to 8 totes capacity. These tote heaters can be installed outdoors as well as indoors and come with lifting eyes for installation purposes.

    Available electric models are: EC2TV EC4TV EC6TV EC8TV

    Availabe steam models are: SC2TV SC4TV SC6TV SC8TV

  • Drum Heating Tunnels

    LEWCO Drum Heating Tunnels offer an alternative configuration for drum warming applications that offer a degree of systems integration and control capability not standard with traditional hot boxes. The drum heating tunnels utilize LEWCO’s standard, gravity conveyor is available in 12, 16, and 20 drum configurations, and also features “first In, first out” product flow. Pneumatically powered guillotine doors on both sides and pneumatic indexing escapement allow for precise control over drum traffic. Heavy duty rigid frame construction and a top mounted heater box save workspace and provide a high convection airflow for faster heat-up times. This model is only available for indoor installation.

    Available electric models are: ET12 ET16 ET20

    Available steam models are: ST12 ST16 ST20