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End User: A company that uses material handling equipment to aid in the manufacture of their product line.

Distributor: A company that typically sells allied material handling products including rack, mezzanies, cranes, hoists, scissor lifts, manipulators, etc.

System Integrator: A company that identifies purchases and manages the integration of various component parts and services to provide an automated solution to end user customers.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Companies that manufacture equipment as the primary business focus and incorporates material handling component parts in the design of their product.

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Custom Equipment

In addition to our standard industrial oven product offering, we also have the capability to design custom Industrial Ovens and material handling equipment to meet unique, customer specific application requirements. At LEWCO, we utilize a six step process that includes:


1. Application Review

Our team of experienced Application Engineers dive deep into the specifics of the process and functional requirements, while at the same time seeking out potential opportunities for improvement.


2. Concept Development

In this phase Applications Engineers team with Design Engineers to develop a cost effective solution that meets the application requirements.


3. Design

Utilizing technologies that include solid modeling and flow analysis, LEWCO Design Engineers transform the concept into a final design.  All design work is controlled by an ISO Design and Development Plan.  LEWCO’s capabilities include both mechanical and electrical control design.


4. Manufacture

Our ISO 9001:2008 Certified factory is committed to product quality that includes every detail of the physical product.  Utilizing state-of-the art fabrication equipment and lean manufacturing techniques, we provide cost effective products on-time.


5. Installation

Our experienced and professional field service personnel provide turnkey installations at your site safely and on schedule.


6. After Sales Support

As dictated by our mission, LEWCO customer service reflects that our customers are our top priority.  Our goal is to remain your partner as vendor of choice for all of your industrial oven and furnace needs.




  • Custom Conveyor Oven for Aerospace Component Manufacturer

    An aerospace component manufacturer approached LEWCO, Inc. with a rather unique application: curing edge sealants on up to 20 ft. long composite beams employing a continuous, first-in-first out, ergonomically convenient, process.  

    The custom solution utilized a standard LEWCO two-strand chain conveyor design that was modified to accommodate non-marring, cleated belts in lieu of the chain strands. This design allows operators to insert composite beams onto the conveyor and manually advance the conveyor forward clearing the load position to accept the next beam. A second operator removes finished beams from the conveyor on the opposite side of the oven.

    The Custom Conveyor Oven also employed vertical down guillotine doors and horizontal air flow. It also features the LEWCO standard oven control system manufactured to the requirements of NFPA 86, 70 & 79.  

  • Custom Conveyor Oven

    This Custom Conveyor Oven was designed and manufactured for one of LEWCO’s many repeat customers to both pre-heat molds and cure molded cast urethane products. It features a number of LEWCO standard conveyor products integrated into a custom industrial oven solution. The entire system is controlled by an Allen-Bradley PLC with an operator interface terminal and is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of NFPA 86, 70 & 79.

    The process starts with the operator discharging a hot empty mold from the preheat oven that is conveyed onto a filling station. At that point the operator dispenses liquid urethane into the mold. When the mold is filled the operator activates a pop-up roller transfer that conveys the mold at a right angle to the opposite side of the oven.  When in position the roller transfer lowers, setting the mold on a 2-strand chain conveyor that automatically indexes and conveys the mold into the oven thereby initiating the cure cycle.

    On completion of the cure, the mold is automatically discharged from the oven onto a high temperature ball table at the opposite end of the oven where an operator removes the cured product from the mold. The ball table allows the operator to effortlessly move the heavy mold into a convenient de-mold position and then move the empty mold to the other side of the table and back into the oven onto the preheat conveyor. Empty molds are preheated as they travel the length of the oven back to the fill station. The preheat conveyor is designed to accumulate empty molds and make them available to the operator at the fill station.

  • Custom Curing Ovens

    Another aerospace materials manufacturer contracted LEWCO to design, build and install a pair of Custom Curing Ovens. Following strict design and performance specifications, thermal fluid-heated ovens with horizontal airflow were provided to meet the customer’s unique requirements. Among these requirements, were a circulation flow uniformity of -0% + 25% across the entire workspace, a sealed oven chamber maintaining <.1”w.c. to contain volatiles emitted throughout the curing process, a guillotine entry door with integral gravity roller conveyor hearth for material loading, a consistent and even heat up rate of +10°F per minute and a material cooling from 385°F to 110°F in 10 minutes using a series of Integral bypass and fresh air dampers.

    Additionally, LEWCO’s team worked with the customer to interface this new oven with an existing PLC and PLC program, and provided a total project time of 4 months including turnkey installation services.