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LEWCO batch ovens and conveyor ovens are employed in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, metal processing, chemical and pharmaceutical. Businesses in all of these industries agree that LEWCO ovens are dependable, high quality products that they have been able to rely on for years. Many have returned to LEWCO for additional oven products to serve different applications as their businesses grew. Some of the major applications for LEWCO ovens are as follows:

  • Composite Curing

    LEWCO has developed enhanced duty batch process ovens with state of the art control systems tailored for vacuum bag Composite Curing.  We offer both manual and automated vacuum ports, variable vacuum control, part thermocouple jacks, vacuum transducers and several data logging options.  Temperature controls include ramp/soak programming and multiple recipe creation and storage.

    Businesses in many industries, the aerospace and automotive industries in particular, often turn to LEWCO for batch ovens to fulfill their composite curing needs.  LEWCO’s batch ovens will meet or exceed the strict performance specifications of the composites industry.

  • Heat Treating

    Heat treating refers to many different processes used in manufacturing of both plastics and metals. These processes involve heating and cooling of a specific material at different rates and durations to alter its properties and make it suitable for further production.  Temperature uniformity and set point accuracy along with very stringent data acquisition are key for these applications. 

    In order to meet the demands of the heat treating market, LEWCO custom designs air circulation systems for each application.  This includes Finite Element Analysis modeling along with in shop flow verification. Temperature uniformity tests are run before ovens are shipped to verify the equipment will meet the customer’s specifications.  LEWCO also implements the latest in data acquisition equipment and software for data trending and storage.

  • Paint and Powder Finishing

    Paint is the most commonly used coating to protect steel and other materials.  Once the paint is applied, it must be cured to form a hard and durable finish.  This curing process removes any moisture/solvent in the coating to form a dry film while the resin within the paint begins to harden forming a solid and adherent coating.  The curing process can be accelerated by the use of heat.  The higher temperature acts as a catalyst, evaporating the moisture/solvent faster which accelerates the drying and hardening process, thereby accelerating the curing process.

    Powder Paint Coating, as used in the aluminum, automotive and appliance industries, allows for a smooth yet tough finished coating.  This coating is typically more durable than a wet paint.  Powder coating is very similar to the painting process except the finish is now applied in a dry “powder” form rather than a liquid.  The powder sticks to the parts due to electrostatic charging of the part and the powder.  Once the powder is applied, heat is then required to allow the powder to cure and facilitate molecular cross-linking within the finish.

    LEWCO has developed standard batch ovens and continuous process ovens that have been used in many high-end powder/paint curing applications.  Our ovens deliver an evenly distributed, uniform heat to the products many surfaces unlike other low-end systems. Depending on your application needs, your product can be loaded via cart or fork truck into a batch oven or conveyed on chain strands, an overhead conveyor system.  Both systems are used in our in-house manufacturing processes