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LEWCO 24vdc Zero Pressure Powered Roller Conveyor - Thursday, May 29, 2014

LEWCO offers 24vdc motor driven zero pressure conveyors with these advantages:

  • Safe, low voltage operation
  • Energy efficient, only on when moving a load
  • Easy configuration, maintenance and modifications
  • Long lasting motors & controls with high reliability & uptime
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs than other types of powered roller conveyor

LEWCO offers both motorized rollers and a selection of stand-alone motors and gearmotors in 24vdc to fulfill a variety of design requirements and customer needs.  Roller conveyors are available chain driven (single strand or roll-to-roll), flat belt driven, and poly-V belt driven.


The recently shipped system pictured below handles lightweight carbon trays that carry small products away from a furnace.  A pair of trays exits the furnace side-by-side at very low speed.  Tray temperature is approximately 194 degrees F when leaving the furnace, so chain driven rollers were chosen for their heat resistance.  Photoeyes detect trays exiting the furnace and turn on the first conveyor.  Trays are moved forward to the 90 degree transfer, the transfer raises, and trays move sideways onto the accumulation conveyor.  Tray pairs are separated and then accumulate in zero pressure zones on the exit conveyor.  Parts and trays are removed by an operator, who pushes a button when he is done to tell the system to index forward.

24 Volt DC Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor Top View








All motors for this system were 24vdc, with LEWCO designed and built controls.  Conveyors were run off in-house with actual product to ensure customer satisfaction.  Contact LEWCO with your application to see if 24vdc is a good fit for you.