Roller Conveyor

The roller conveyor is the optimal component in your system. Rollers reduce maintenance costs while adding flexibility. Lewco is a leader in the production of these modules and stands ready to help you maximize throughput.

What is a roller?

A roller is a small cylinder powered by a simple one-half to two horsepower motor that transports packages, pallets, and goods along a production line. They are comprised of a connector, drum, and shaft, standing ready to improve your productivity.

The alternative to a roller is a belt. Belts may run on these cylinders. However, goods travel along the more frictional mat. This makes them perfect for items that are prone to move.

Belts are more challenging to maintain than rollers. If the mat breaks, the entire component must be shut down and repaired.

Manufacturers report a significant reduction in cost when using rollers. Belt fed devices eat up to 25 percent of maintenance budgets. Switching to the alternative made these costs negligible. Additionally, if one roller is stuck, the line may continue to function.

What is the benefit of modularity?

Increasing modularity improves flexibility and reduces costs. A unified conveyor using a belt must entirely stop if a repair is required. The mat can cost upwards of $1000.

A single extensive production line requires customized and expensive equipment as well. Designers must submit requests to manufacture equipment that navigates elevation changes and maneuvers around angles and columns. If your business contains unique processes, further strain is placed on your budget

Rollers and modules allow you to build a system that will enable you to maintain a nearly constant uptime while adequately dealing with complexities related to your business and industrial space.

Lewco offers affordable and straightforward modules for any situation. Pallet systems, gravity fed equipment, curved shafts, and pull out areas for quality control are in the hands of the industrial architect. Control over your system does not require creating an entire line from scratch.

This allows you to maximize space usage, piecing together an assembly line one component at a time. Modular systems work like a Lego set.

If a part of your system breaks, it can be pulled and repaired while a backup is installed. Even if this is not possible, the entire line does not need to shut down for a single repair.

Do conveyor systems offer a return on investment?

Many companies realize the increased efficiencies related to conveyor lines. Amazon, Nike, Zappos, and small businesses all understand the power of these systems. The largest Nike production line in Europe handles 43 million items every year.

Modular conveyor systems provide power to your manufacturing process. They offer flexibility while increasing productivity. These benefits are well known to large and small organizations. Roller conveyor systems significantly improve over belt systems in certain situations.

Lewco offers an extensive array of equipment allowing you to build an ideal assembly or production line. Our roller-based shafts are simple to maintain and affordable. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your vision.

Roller Conveyor

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