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Parcel conveyor systems move products with ease. Opting for a smaller workforce and passing savings on to the consumer is the norm. These systems, including Lewco Incorporated’s modular components, offer competitive advantages at affordable long-term prices.

What are the benefits of automation?

Automation is now the norm in warehousing and manufacturing. Amazon, Zappos, Nike, and most significant manufacturers strive to lower costs, increase profits, and drive stock prices. Failing to compete is deadly.

Rambo understood this when looking for a conveyor to integrate their packaging machine with packaging systems. Unable to maximize the production of their coffee, they needed a network as fast as their machines and employees. The company chose a set of modular roller-based system and now processes more products than ever before.

Nike alone exemplifies the potency of conveyor-based automation. By unifying their intake, handling, quality control, and shipping process, their European warehouse processes over 43 million items per year.

Automation also reduces the need for a large workforce or the cost of robotics. Forklift drivers are eliminated with the connection of departments. Robots require special knowledge in electrical systems and software to maintain and repair. This is less true for conveyor systems using shafts, belts, and well-known motors.

How can I optimally design my parcel packaging machine?

Conveyors alone increase speed. However, with proper design, your system can achieve even more efficiency.

Energy waste and idleness are significant factors in production lines. Maximizing throughput per hour for companies with large numbers of customers improves delivery times and drives profit. This means optimizing the flow of goods in your plants and warehouses.

Selecting a system with low friction curves or drives that allow you to use less curvature over the entire line greatly increases speed. Shorter distances improve handling in cases where the line breaks.

Lewco Incorporated offers modular roller based and belt components to improve efficiency. One model even adds workspaces along the line for overflow and quality control. The design possibilities and abilities are limitless.

What are the benefits of modular conveyors?

Maintenance is a certain cost. Machine costs stack up quickly, taking up as much as 35 percent of an operating budget depending on the age of the system.

When using a unified belt, parts must be replaced in entirety in the case of a breakdown. This causes a shutdown and greatly hinders output. The average belt alone costs as much as $1000 to replace, a price which increases with length.

Modular parcel lines avoid much of the cost of maintenance. Single effected areas are removed or worked on in the event of a stoppage. With a backup, your system can continue working in a nearly flawless manner without checking for functionality while crews work to get the broken module back to working order.

Lewco Incorporated produces high-quality modular conveyor components vastly improving efficiency in any system. Using roller or belt fed parcel conveyor systems is a terrific way to increase productivity.

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