Pallet Conveyor

A pallet conveyor is a perfect addition to a shipping or intake center. Handling pallets requires specialized equipment. However, the ability to avoid forklifts dramatically reduces costs. Lewco offers a Professional grade pallet handling system for moving from packaging to shipping with ease.

What is a pallet conveyor system?

Pallets are wider than boxes and smaller items. While other shafts are perfect for moving from workstation to workstation, the end-product of an assembly line is nearly always a stack of many different products.

The resulting product needs to move seamlessly through your warehouse plant to storage. This means standing up to the daily abuse that a wooden base or skid creates as it glides. Rotation, transfers, and integration with robotics are critical to the creation of a successful conveyor system dealing with pallets.

Lewco’s Professional Grade system offers full rotation. Our products allow for indexing accumulation, transportation, and zero-pressure accumulation as well.

Why should I use a conveyor system?

Conveyors move products seamlessly without the added maintenance cost of robots. Simple rollers or belts powered by small motors are the most complex part of this system. Instead of purchasing expensive software, often costing more than the entire maintenance expense on a single conveyor, these systems provide seamless transportation.

When the only need from one point to another is transportation, conveyor systems allow for optimal space utilization. Lines can be layered in ways that robots cannot handle.

Consider a bottling plant where product hangs in transport or must move between stations without generating a traffic jam. Robots and forklifts are not ideal for this situation. A system bottleneck is a reality when movement stalls at an intersection.

This is the perfect situation for a modular conveyor system. Powered lines move goods in any direction, around curves, to higher positions, or down gentle graders. Lewco produces modules covering nearly every need.

Is there a return on investment when using a conveyor system?

Systems that avoid bottlenecks improve throughput. This allows you to use a smaller workforce to more efficiently complete tasks.

Pallet systems avoid the need for forklifts, create speed, and reduce costs through increased efficiency. Seamless movement allows you to optimize space utilization and the use of your employee’s time without drastically effecting increasing price.

Many companies, including those extensively utilizing robotics, combine different methods with conveyor systems in their warehouses. Amazon, an artificial intelligence, is well known for its use of such systems.

Nike uses conveyors in their largest warehouses. Their European distribution center processes 43 million items per year.

Even small businesses understand the impact of efficiency. Rambo Coffee was unable to store products at the speed they produced due to the lack of fluid transport. They chose a modular system which exceeds their needs. Modularity offers other benefits, reducing maintenance costs significantly.

A pallet conveyor is the perfect option for moving product from packaging to storage or shipping. Our systems integrate with robotics and your human-driven processes to maximize productivity. Contact us today to find out more.

Pallet Conveyor

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