Gravity Conveyor

A gravity conveyor allows you to improve the flexibility of your system without sacrificing speed and efficiency. Spaces and machines create unique requirements that modularity tackles with ease. Lewco Incorporated understands the needs of our clients and produces quality conveyor system items to improve your bottom line.

Do conveyor systems have a high return on investment?

These systems offer optimal movement between stations and reduce the need for a large workforce. As opposed to warehouses, logistic centers, and plants where robotics and humans scurry about, conveyor systems offer seamless synergy.

The power of such a system propels many companies. Amazon, Zappos, and Nike all use conveyors to move goods. The largest European distribution center of the apparel manufacturer Nike uses modularity to process over 43 million products every year.

This power is not lost on small businesses either. Rambo Coffee outproduced their ability to move right through their warehouse. They chose a modular conveyor system when in search of a solution to match their throughput and increase profits.

When should I use a gravity conveyor?

Many machines produce items from a height. Such devices include printing presses, bottling machines, and vats used in bottling beverages. Using nature eliminates the need for bizarre uses of human resources and the cost of electricity to get packages from point to point.

At times warehouses are not set up to optimally carry items in production.  Cargo may need to travel from a top level to a lower level loading center. Gravitational components are perfect for this system.

How can I cover complex requirements for my conveyor system?

Gravity is not the only issue related to quickly producing goods. Layers are often required to process items. Moving uphill allows you to design your system to maximize space. However, what goes up must come down.

We cover every need. Our conveyor components move around corners, allow employees to pull items for inspection, and fit the needs of even the most complex operating environment.

Modularity allows you to cover edge cases without increasing cost. Centralized systems must be designed from the ground up with the slightest deviation from a generic solution. These lines also significantly increase maintenance cost as a single breakdown requires shutting down the line and, if not roller based, replacing an entire belt.

Modules forego the stringent requirements of continuous lines. Manufacturers, distributors, and logisticians purchase curved shafts and use our services to customize their production lines one component at a time.

A breakdown in a modular system is relatively inexpensive as well. Compared to the cost of replacing a belt running the length of the line, smaller repairs are necessary. If using roller-based equipment, the equipment may continue to function as well.

Meeting the need for high throughput in a distribution center or factory requires flexibility. People, processes, and equipment must work to produce an optimal result. At times, this means moving from elevated spaces to the ground floor. Lewco Incorporated’s gravity conveyor allows you to do so affordably.

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Gravity Conveyor

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