Conveyor Roller

Conveyor roller systems are the perfect solution to enhance space utilization and efficiency in your warehouse. Spaces work best when you have maximum control over the layout. With Lewco’s modular components, you can build exactly as you need without sacrifices.

What are the benefits of using a modular roller belt?

Using a conveyor system contains inherent benefits. Production, handling, and shipping are combined in a continuous chain.

Traditional conveyor belts are costly to maintain. Manufacturers report that replacement of parts costs up to 25 percent of their machine budget. When one part of the system breaks, crews replace the entire belt.

With modular systems, especially rollers, conveyors are broken to manageable chunks. If a single ball piece requires repair, the entire system does not need to be worked on. More beneficially, individual parts may be removed and worked on while others serve where they once stood. This significantly reduces downtime.

A roller goes a step further. By replacing the belt, effected mechanics target the exact area affected instead of replacing an entire belt. This further reduces impact to your budget depending on the size of the module.

Automation already dramatically improves the effectiveness of the system. Nike uses a modular conveyor system in Europe. Their largest distribution center on the continent processes nearly 43 million items every year.

Businesses understand the return on investment that modular movement provides. Amazon, Zappos, UPS, and FedEx all rely heavily on these systems. They avoid the use of dozens of forklifts and employees to transfer goods from one area to another.

How can a roller system improve space utilization?

Every belt works to use space in the best way. Tight turns, sharp angles, and even layering allow employees and product to interact in the fastest way possible.

Rollers allow your product to be pushed from station to station in an even more configurable way. Belts are not elastic. They cannot twist and bend. Rollers eliminate this problem. While still coming in squares, they are arrangeable.

Lewco offers transfers and accessories that allow you to configure your warehouse optimally. Curved components, large shafts with workstations, and small junctions are all available.

What types of products can a roller conveyor handle?

This type of system handles boxes, bottles, and nearly anything you produce. Complications depending on whether the rollers are kept moving or run via gravity exist. At times it is necessary to cover vast distances with traditional belts, using rollers for short trips.

Lewco avoids the problem of combining belts with rollers. Our shaft models include those driven by electricity. One-half to two horsepower motors ensure that product travels from point to point safely without hassle.

Lewco produces quality conveyor components helping you to build modular warehouses centered around your vision of efficiency. Avoid issues with traffic lanes and a tangle of robotics and people by opting for sturdy shafts.

Contact us today to find out how a conveyor roller-based system can help you minimize cost and maximize profit. Our experts are ready to help.


Conveyor Roller

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